Back Home and Gone Again (Part 1)

We returned to our home on May 7th, 2021; 1 year, 5 months, and 2 days after we left. Our lengthy stay in Grenada afforded us haven from Covid. During our stay Grenada saw very little of the disease, and none in Carriacou, one of their smaller islands, where we spent almost the entirety of our time. Despite a few bouts of homesickness, it was pure pleasure to get to know the island, its citizens, and make new sailing friends.

Back to Gardening

When we arrived home, our great friend and house sitter, Diana, had already planted half of our vegetable garden. I was longing to get my hands in the dirt and there was still plenty to do. I so very much enjoyed gardening again and the bounty of fresh vegetables every day. Late in October, as we were beginning to put the garden away, a great blue heron paid us a visit.

Gotta see the kids – Upper Peninsula, MI.

We got our first vaccination two days after arriving home Once we were fully vaccinated we headed off for a vacation in the Upper Peninsula (UP), Michigan with our daughters, son-in-laws and grandchildren. We all took a dip in the frigid waters of Lake Superior, none as brave as those who jumped from a clifftop.

Our granddaughter Riley planned this entire vacation; location, VRBO, restaurants, and excursions. We hiked, watched Marilla, Mitch, Riley and Tristan climb, toured a copper mine, ate our fill of pasties and ice cream, cooked and ate great meals and exhausted our dogs. The UP is a unique and very beautiful part of America.

Riley and Tristan joined us at home in August for two weeks of “Grandma’s” Summer Camp. This year, PD, their sweet yellow lab came along. For the first few days all Tristan wanted to do was play in the pool. PD cannot resist any water and joined in the fun. Margaret and Burt (my sister and brother-in-law) joined us with their lab Ana. Ana, decidedly, does not like the pool.

We visited Blue Marsh Lake to provide Riley and Tristan lessons on rowing a small boat. They mastered rowing in circles almost immediately and slowly made their way across the lake in this circuitous manner. They subsequently made great strides in rowing more efficiently.

We made bird houses from bottle gourds, and creations from my shell collections.

We spent a day at Longwood Gardens, fulfilling a promise we made at a previous Summer Camp.

No summer camp is complete without a trip to the Oley Dairy for ice cream and to visit their petting zoo.

As summer camp neared its end we hit the road to take Riley and Tristan home. Riley became suspicious as to why we were leaving a day ahead. She and Tristan peppered us with questions until they got enough clues to conclude that somewhere along the way, we were meeting their Mom and Dad. Riley then solved the mystery of where we were going. Based on the route we were taking and her long-held wish she announced we were going to visit the Columbus, Ohio Zoo.

It was now nearly September and we had past the midway of our 6 month stay in the US. The time flew by but our joy in visiting with our children lasts forever.