With Family in the Mediterranean


Allison, Mike, Riley and Tristan joined us on June 25th in Nice.

Sleeping quarters

Marilla and Mitch were already in the aft cabin, Mike and Allison were assigned the salon couch and Riley and Tristan were in the workroom – Riley atop the work cabinet and Tristan in a hammock.  The hammock was quite a hit with Tristan – he only fell out once and, having been cushioned by the substantial amount of clothing strewn all over the floor, was not hurt.  He climbed right back in that night and every subsequent night and we made it a point not to ask the kids to pick up their clothes.

Short visit in Nice

We walked the town, played at the beach (water was quite chilly) and, following Marilla’s and Mitch’s lead from the previous day, we climbed a hill to explore Park de la Collins du Château.  The park was full of family  gatherings and group yoga-like activities, lovely landscaping, walking trails, musicians practicing their drum routine, and great overlooks of the harbor and city.

Port Lympia viewed from Park de la Collins du Château.
One of the landmarks of the harbor neighbourhood, this statue represents king Carlo Felice that reigned on the Savoy region in the 19th century.

The following day, we had a lazy breakfast of crepes and omelettes and then headed west – destination Cassis – visiting along the way, Ile St Honorat. 

St. Honorat

The current-day St. Honorat monastery (pictured below) is on the island of St. Honorat, just off the coast of the city of Canne.  These buildings were constructed in the second half of the 19th century.  The kids visited this monastery on our way from Nice to Cassis and subsequently, George and I spent a day there, as well. 

Current day Monestary

This monastic order, founded by St Honoratus, dates back to the 5th century.  The original monastery and its inhabitants fell victim to piracy and other sources of violence.  This prompted the construction of a fortified building in 1073 (picture below and on following page). 

Fortified Monestery
Ruins of Original Monastery


We spent the evening in Miramar.  The kids explored the town while George and I made a few last minute adjustments in the boat to better accommodate 8 people.

Approaching Miramar
Port Figueirette (marina in Miramar harbor where we spent the night)

We left early the next morning, arriving at Iles de Porquerolles that evening. This island, off the coast near Toulon, has approximately 200 inhabitants, most of whom live around the harbor and marina.  This community is surrounded by farmland  (largely grape vineyards) and the remaining 80 percent of the island is a nature preserve.  

We regret having such limited time for our family to explore areas we passed briefly by or through on our way from La Grande Motte to Nice, Nice to Cassis and back to Nice. The amount of time boating was excessive, and some days had sailing conditions that were not ideal.

One could easily spend several days to a week at any destination to begin to truly experience the atmosphere, cuisine, industries…  Next time (and there will be a next time) we will spend more time in each place we visit.

We had memorable moments on the boat and can there ever be too much snuggle time?

Mike discovered that there were hungry fish that attacked strawberry tops and pieces of bread. This led to the only fish I have caught in the Mediterranean so far – with bread as bait!!!!

See George gutting below. 

Îles de Porquerolles

Designated nature preserve on the Iles de Porquerolles