Our Journey Begins – The English Channel and Honfleur

Day 18 through 21 12-May – 13-May-2017

ICE FLOE’s mast was taken down on Wednesday in preparation for a Friday departure  from Cherbourg.

We passed on leaving Thursday as the forecast was for unfavorable winds and rain.  Friday’s weather forecast was for moderate southwest winds and clear skies.  As we were headed northeast and the current in the channel heads east for most of the trip, we were ensured a relatively smooth ride.

We headed out Friday, but as it turned out the winds never shifted to southwest and it rained off and on.  Our first sail in the English Channel was with moderate wind and waves (3-4 feet), However, there was no pattern to the waves and they assailed us from multiple directions.  As such, waves periodically merged with one or more waves and we had an exceedingly topsy turvy ride about 12 hours long.  I recently boasted that I never get seasick, but after one trip to the cabin brought on an unpleasant queasiness, we remained topside for the balance of the day, with short exceptions for a quick trip to the head and to retrieve a baguette and butter for lunch.

A kind gentleman in Cherbourg suggested we enter the Seine through the port of the ancient town of Honfleur.  It is difficult to describe how such a town seems to welcome you with its beauty, vitality and feeling of peace.  We tore ourselves away after a short memorable visit on Saturday morning as the village woke up in preparation for market day.

Our departure could not be delayed as the 24+ foot tide in the channel was near low and current created as the tide turns at the mouth of the Seine can either swiftly speed you on your journey to Rouen or reject you to wait for a more favorable tide.

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