Sailing up the Seine

Day 18 13-May -2017

From Honfleur, we entered the Seine an hour or so before the incoming tide began. The vestiges of the outgoing tide was sufficient to check our speed over ground to 3 knots. There was no mistaking the change in tide as boat speed increased swiftly and we sped up the Seine at nearly 10 knots with the tide in our favor.

The riverbanks of the Seine offered view after view of meticulously maintained homes of exceptional grace and beauty; many protected with traditional thatch roofs.

Small villages and churches were equally charming;

As were occasional farms.

Ancient castles and grandiose mansions fit seamlessly into the landscape.

Lastly, we encountered a number of unusual buildings and homes built into limestone cliffs. Sometimes it was an entire home; others, a garage or shed or just the back face of the building. We understand some of these structures are still inhabited today.

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