Barfleur and Cité de la Mer (aka the Cherbourg Titanic Museum)

 Day 12 through 17 6-May – 11-May-2017

The weekend was devoted primarily to sailing and completing  the last tasks we needed a car for.  We enjoyed some of the best weather and sailing conditions and wished for more time to sail before we had to move on.

Fort in Cherbourg Harbor built in 1858

I tried my hand at fishing with no luck.  The Channel is said to be quite fished out but you can’t catch a fish if you’re not fishing.

On Monday, just before we returned the car, we  visited Barfleur, a seaside town reputed to be one of the loveliest in the area.  It is absolutely charming, from the harbor, to the homes, and the village atmosphere. 

George assembled long fender boards to protect ICE FLOE from the many locks and   docks on the trip through France and a voice from the future is here to tell you we really needed them.

On Tuesday, we visited Cité de la Mer, a museum combining exhibits of historical events and artifacts relating to underwater exploration, the Titanic (Cherbourg was the last port visited by the Titanic before it sank), and sea life.  This included a tour through a submarine that was fascinating.

Top left moving clockwise: Submarine, me and George at the helm, Captain’s quarters, Captains Dining / Meeting area, enlisted men’s sleeping quarters.

There are few artifacts from the Titanic, if any.  Much of the exhibit consisted of reproductions of portions of the ship.  Below, a reproduction of a first class cabin brings to light the luxury provided to those who could afford it.

We found it surprising that such a luxury cruise ship also provided accommodations for immigrants, as well. In addition, there were many photographs of passengers that were taken before the tragic sinking or were possessions of a survivor.

The displays of marine life wee individuals small habitats. Despite the many exceptional aquariums we have enjoyed, we found each habitat to be fascinating and unique.

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