St.Lucia with Family – Rodney Bay

Happy Happy Times

I recently read that future generations may adopt a new use of the calendar reference to BC and AC. The new definition would of course be Before Coronavirus and After Coronavirus.  We all need a break from the current nightmare and lovely contributions from my grandchildren Riley and Tristan gave me just the opportunity.
A lifetime ago, mid-February – BC, our daughter Allison and her husband Mike, along with their delightful and brilliant children Riley and Tristan visited us in St. Lucia.  Our home base was Marigot Bay Resort and Marina, but we set off on adventures to Rodney Bay and the Pitons, as well (I am saving the trip to the Pitons for another day)

Rodney Bay – Jet-Skiing

We enjoyed a beautiful sail from Marigot Bay to Rodney Bay and anchored for the day.  Our guests immediately took off in the dinghy to rent some jet-skis.  Tristan was given a jet-ski adventure for Christmas and it was time to collect.

Tristan (8yo) is guest author for this summary of the fun they had.

We rented a jet-ski at Rodney Bay in St. Lucia. The jet-ski was yellow and was really fast. Mommy and I drove off into the bay. We were waiting for Daddy and Riley because their jet-ski wasn’t working but we didn’t know this though. I was siting in the front and Mommy was siting in the back. I was tricking Mommy by pushing the throttle over and over when she least expected it. When daddy and Riley came out Mommy and I were seeing how fast we could go. We went 39 miles an hour it was crazy the wind was so strong in my face I could not see at all! We went toward a in-caved part of the bay. It was a fogy day and it started to rain it felt like needles when we where going fast we drove back to the beach and asked the guy if we had more time he said we had 15 more minutes we drove back out and looked at these bungalows  that we saw. Then I started to get cold we tried to go fast again we went 45 miles an hour after that we went to Mimi and Gpa’s boat because we were dropping me off because I was cold. On accident I fell of the jet-ski and I had to swim to the boat the water was actually warm when Mommy, Riley and Daddy came back to the boat we ate lunch that was the end of our fun day of jet-skiing.

Rodney Bay – The Bouncy Water Park

After a quick break for lunch, they were off again to play on an inflated water playground near the shore.  For this adventure, Gpa (aka George) joined in.  I remained on the boat as I felt the need to get a bit ahead on cooking.  I had a feeling Riley and Tristan would be starving and tired when they returned and I wanted to make sure I had something ready.

I think they spent most of their time on a feature where one person (in this case Tristan or Riley) stood on a designated spot and another person (the bigger the better) jumped down from the top of the gym displacing air that launched the other.

The kids flew more than their own height into the air – all kinds of topsy turvy.  Of course they asked for this over and over which meant the adults had to climb up and jump off over and over.  One thing for sure was I guessed correctly that some very tired people would return from this fun.

Rodney Bay

While sailing back to Marigot Bay I made a couple of simple pizzas for Riley and Tristan (sausage and cheese and margarita) and they headed to bed.  Having a little more time, the adults got some salad and mushrooms added to their pizzas.

From Riley’s bed we heard a plaintiff “I like mushrooms” and “You guys got salad?”  We promised to save her some salad for breakfast and, without hesitation, she ate it the following morning.  Riley is a big salad eater;  she is quite a foodie, as well, often ordering a salad as her entree when we eat out and then sampling some of everything others ordered.

That’s all for now folks!

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