Missing Children

All the Children

I have been engrossed in the news concerning missing children for the last several weeks.  The fate of the Thai soccer team members that went missing in a cave broke my heart.  I could not imagine the anxiety and desperation their parents, family members, and friends were going through.  The multinational support effort was a healing salve. Like the father of one of the trapped boys who said “I know they will be found alive and well – there is so much support here”; I, too, was sure of a happy ending.  I continue to wait and hope all will be safely rescued, knowing no possible effort is being spared.

In contrast, I have found no reason to be confident that the immigrant families, whose children were taken from them when they crossed into the United States looking for something they believed this country could provide, should be confident of a happy ending.  I recall reading a judge’s comment that noted if you are arrested you get a receipt for your wallet – they took the kids and have no record?

I miss my children, when we are apart.  I know I will see them again.

Our first grandchild, Riley, sent George and me the following note we received last evening.
I love you so much! I miss you too! See you in France! can I be in the Go With Tne Floe?
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!πŸ˜ƒπŸ’πŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’žπŸ’šπŸ’ŸπŸ˜Ί

Yes, I said to Riley.  Of course you can be in the Go With The Floe.
Riley (dry)
Riley (wet)

Riley in Cassi braving frigid waters and crashing waves coming over the wall.

George and I are the proud parents of Allison and Marilla – two smart, caring, and amazing young women.  They married two smart, caring and amazing men, Mike and Mitch.

Allison and Mike

Allison and Mike have two smart, caring, and amazing children – Riley, who you already met,  and Tristan.

Marilla and Mitch

Marilla and Mitch are focusing their maternal / paternal devotion on Manzi (also smart, caring and amazing)

George and I also have one niece, Susan – a smart, caring and amazing young woman, and two nephews, Brian and David – smart, caring, and amazing young men.  Last but not least, David married the smart, caring, and amazing Brenna.

David and Brenna with David’s Mom, Marilyn

We miss them all.  We know where they are. We know (as much as they are willing to tell us) how they are and what they are up to AND, we know we will see them again.

2 thoughts on “Missing Children

  1. It's so true. Despite the current political turmoil that exists in our country and in the world, one fundamental and profound difference still exists between us (Americans) and so much of the rest of the world. We are (at least for now, and to a great extent) still the \”masters of our destiny\”. There are others out there who are largely dependent upon \”the goodness of strangers\”. By now, we know that the entire Thai soccer team was successfully rescued. Tragically, one of the courageous divers involved in the rescure effort did not survive. A small number of the several thousand children seeking asylum in the US, and separated from their families in the process, have been reunited with their loved ones. Many, many more remain in limbo. Americans find themselves at a critical crossroad. It remains to be seen which path we choose. In the meantime, and whatever the ultimate decision, let's strive to be those \”strangers\” who continue to extend the helping hand and to demonstrate the capacity for goodness upon which so many in the world depend.


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