Aboard the Queen Mary 2

The Queen Mary Experience

Our week aboard the Queen Mary is nearly over.  What a wonderful time we have had.  The experience for us has been less an adventure at sea, and more a week of leisure in a luxurious resort with great comfort, varied entertainment, great food, interesting people and conversation, beautiful artwork, and pretty much any accommodation you could want.

The seas have been relatively calm with only one day when the swell grew to 8 or 9 feet.  Most often, we can barely detect the boat rocking.  There have been several days of winds that, combined with the 20+ knot speed of the boat, could nearly knock you off your feet.  Temperatures have ranged from the high 30’s to the 60’s with variable degrees of sun and clouds.  We have, on occasion, found warm sheltered areas to sit outside, but we have spent most of our time within the ship.
The ship is enormous – almost as long as the Empire State Building is tall and has 13 decks.  Three trips around the promenade deck equals 1.1 miles.  Nonetheless, it is very easy to get around.  When full, the ship carries approximately 3000 guests and nearly half that many staff members.  There are comfortable and well-designed areas to suit whatever degree of quiet, privacy, or venue you may be looking for.

A daily schedule is provided each day with activities you may want to join or attend.  There is an evening show in the Royal Theater, afternoon presentations related to our solar system and galaxy in the Illuminations Theater (“The only Planetarium on the Ocean”).  Musicians are often performing in the smaller casual meeting places like the Chart Room or the Corrinthian Lounge.  There is live music and dancing every evening in the Queen’s Room.   At some extra charge you can enjoy any number of spa treatments, see a chiropractor, visit a salon, or participate in wine or chocolate tastings.

These seats along one corridor were very comfortable and provided a great view of the ocean.

George and I spent an afternoon spotting whale spouts and relaxing.

I have joined a knitting group that meets most days at 3:00pm.  As many as 25 knitters have attended.  In addition to sharing projects, travel plans, and life stories, I was provided with instruction for a much neater and easier way to knit a heel for the Christmas Stockings I am working on.

One corridor has a wide assortment of board games and a partially completed puzzle.  Many guests spent time here.
There is a large and beautiful library with computers, comfortable sitting areas, periodicals, and a large collection of books you can check out.
George and I in our fancy attire required after 6:00pm
The chocolate bar
The champaign lounge
Wine tasting room
The Chart Room
A small casino

There has only been one instance in which an area was crowded and that was when a very accomplished clarinet performer put on a Dixie Land concert with the Queen Mary resident band in one of the larger, cozy lounges.  This clarinetist had put on such a wonderful show the evening before, many more people attended than expected for the additional performance.  It was an excellent show which concluded with an impromptu parade of band members and guests parading single file to a raucous “When the Saints Come Marching In”.

1 thought on “Aboard the Queen Mary 2

  1. Looks absolutely beautiful and sounds absolutely wonderful. The experience would largely be wasted on me as I would probably spend most of the time avoiding the other passengers (ha ha) – social butterfly that I am. Burt can't wait to get to France to talk politics with the natives. Be prepared.


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