Queen Mary 2 – The Dining Experience

 Dining Areas

All dining areas offer equivalent china plates, silverware and linen napkins.  All food is included in the price of the cruise with the exception of one small optional restaurant we never chose to eat at.  There are self-serve stations where you can obtain complimentary water, ice, fruit beverages, milk, coffee, and tea.  All other beverages (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) must be ordered from ever-present staff and cost extra.  You could purchase a bottle of wine and the Somalia would keep partial bottles for the next time you dined in the Britania.

There are large dining areas with tablecloths, waitstaff, and new menu selections at each meal.  The efficiency with which large numbers of guests are served is unprecedented, in our experience.  The quality and variety of food is exceptional.  Each guest is assigned a specific table for dinner in one of the large dining areas.  This table is held for you every evening.  The menus change each day and generally offer a choice of several appetizers, a salad, several entrees, and several deserts.  There is always a vegetarrian option.  You can partake of any or all.  Accomodations such as requests for more vegetables or substitutions are routine.  There is no need to confirm whether you will eat there.  At any time you can choose to eat at an alternative dining venue.  We had our dinners there about half of the time – lunch, less often, and breakfast only once.  There are many types of activities throughout the day and these sit-down meals were at a specified time which did not always fit our schedule.

Britania Restaurant to which we were assigned

A portion of Britania restaurant was also open for breakfast and lunch and we could choose private or group sitting.  Most (including us) chose group sitting.  It was always interesting to get to know a little about other passengers.  We have been astonished at the number of people who have taken one or many other Trans-Atlantic cruises and other cruises on the Queen Mary.

There is a large self-serve dining area (The King’s Court) that is open nearly around the clock offering breakfast, lunch, dinner, as well as, endless confections.  High and low tables for two, four, and larger groups are set with placemats, linen napkins and silverware.  The food in this court is also different every day and very good.  For example, we have feasted on exquisite rack of lamb, shrimp dishes, sushi, roasted vegetables, salads, fresh and smoked fish, and stir fry. 
Below are three pictures of the King’s Court

A wide selection of food is nearly always available in the King’s Court and is refreshed throughout the day featuring breakfast, lunch, and dinner choices.

There is also a separate afternoon tea in a room reserved for this meal (in the event three great meals a day is not enough).

There are a number of smaller areas that often offer live entertainment, a bar, and a selection of things to eat.  What is available changes and depends on the time of day,  Seating is comfortable apolstered chairs and small low tables.  There are also bar stools.

Some food pictures

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