Cruz Bay, St. John

The Tap Room, Cruz Bay, St. John

Cruz Bay, St. John

We spent our last day in the Virgin Islands sailing the north coast of St. Thomas and then headed to St. John and moored in Caneel Bay.  We hopped in the dinghy for a ride to Cruz Bay to clear ourselves through US Customs and Border Control in preparation for our sail to St. Barts.  We missed the customs office by 30 seconds.  On line information indicated the offices hours were 7:00am to 6:00pm.  The agents’ information indicated they were open from 10:00am to 5:30pm.  These kinds of disconnects occur so often in the Caribbean, they are not worth mentioning.
Next stop – The Tap Room – where we enjoyed nachos and wonderful beers while we sent texts back and forth with Allison and Michael, recalling the summer vacation in 2009 we had on St. John when we rented a cottage.  We all had the same recollections of having enjoyed the beer and the R&Rs (rum and root beer) and saw our first iguana in a tree beyond the outdoor balcony where we were seated.  Riley, less than 2 years old at the time, went absolutely mad one evening – racing around and being silly – much to everyone’s delight other than her parents who knew she was exceedingly tired.
Allison, Mike, and Riley setting off in one of our blow up kayaks (St. John, US Virgin Islands, July, 2009).
Mimi, always the first to volunteer for snuggling while the rest of the troupe is snorkeling (2009)]
St. John brings back so many wonderful memories. We rented a catamaran and sailed in the US and British Islands in 2011.  Marilla, Allison, Mike and Riley joined us for that vacation (Tristan and Mitch were not yet present in our lives).  This vacation solidified our dream to own our own cruising sailboat – and that was that!
Marilla assisting with first catch from our rented Catamaran out of which the girls made yummy fish tacos (US Virgin Islands, 2011)
Chartered (bareboat) catamaran, US Virgin Islands, 2011)

Visiting St. John in 2019 we find much is the same as our memories, albeit damage from the 2017 hurricanes is still in evidence, especially in the shallow water reefs that took a beating.

Mural depicting the ever-present, and beautiful Bananaquits
Beautiful shopping and restaurant area in Cruz Bay, St. John, US Virgin Islands

We are headed “down island” today, on an overnight sail to St. Barts.  We will start from the British Virgin Islands and exit just north of Virgin Gorda to make as much ground going east before turning south (as wind permits).

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