Sailing in the Mediterranean – Corsica and Sardinia Stone Figures

What do you see?

The following photos of stone figures were collected while we sailed and explored the coastlines of Corsica and Sardinia and drove through the interior of Corsica.  The mountains are ever-present and magnificent.  Along the coast, and for a surprising distance inland, salt from the Mediterranean has contributed to a unique kind of stone erosion that creates endless variations in shape.  The air carries with it salt that deposits itself on the rock surfaces.  The salt forms crystals in fissures within the rock that expand and, over centuries, carve out portions of the rock.  Some of the stone figures I have photographed were created in this manner.  Others, via various ways stones form and erode.
Take a look at some of the more fanciful ones I have photographed and let me know what you see.

2 thoughts on “Sailing in the Mediterranean – Corsica and Sardinia Stone Figures

  1. I see:Komodo dragon, elephant, seal and elephant, deformed basset hound, polar bear, fat baby chick, from, ??, little dog, sea turtle, giraffe head, giraffe, penguins!, evil birds, gorilla and a heart, ??, face, hulky person, ??Mitch sees:Dog head, turtle, elephant, lion on its back playing with a ball, ??, fish, old man who was shot in the head, big turtle on an elephant, turtle, giraffe head, giraffe, penguins, pterodactyls, heart, rhino, ??, face, ??


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